Find records in your Invenias database whilst browsing LinkedIn and Xing (other sites to follow)

Open the extension whilst viewing any LinkedIn profile to search your database.

If an exact match is found (based on LinkedIn URL or email address), you will see a summary of their record.

If a possible match is found (based on name), you will see a list of the matches and you can click through to see their summaries and link the record if it’s correct (saving the LinkedIn URL to their profile).

Create new records

Records that don’t exist or can’t be found in your database can be quickly created.

Clicking Create will extract information from the page in an editable format so you can make changes and link companies to those in your database before creating the record in your database.

Either add all positions or just the first position when creating long lists

Building long lists should be quick and easy! Use the “first position only” setting to avoid adding and reviewing more information than you need to. You can easily fully fledged records again but turning this setting off.

Option to append the non matched company names to the job title

Linking companies to positions in Invenias can be tiresome when you’re in a rush, so we’ve added the option to skip that step and automatically add the company name to the job title if we’re unable to find an exact match.

On the other hand, when you want to make sure all positions are correctly linked to company records, you can disable the “Create positions with unmatched companies” setting.

Add new/existing records to an Assignment

When using LinkedIn to find suitable candidates for a new role, quickly add them to your assignment. This works when viewing existing records or when you create brand new records.

Don’t just add them, optionally change the progress status or enter some progress notes or fit to profile comments.

With the option to remember the previously selected assignment

Better yet, use the “Remember previous assignment” setting to save yourself from having to keep selecting the same assignment over and over again.

Create new journal notes on new/existing records

Whether you’re viewing existing records or create new ones, add notes to their journal without having to leave the extension.

No additional login requirements

Tired of logging again and again? Don’t worry – if you’re already logged in to your Invenias Web App then you’re already logged in to this extension – it’s that simple!

Let’s re-iterate that, when you’re logged in to your Invenias Web App you don’t have to login again to use this extension, you’re already logged in.

Free trial

Get started today with nothing to pay initially. All features are fully functional during your trial period. So give it a go and download today.

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